1983 Capozzoli Family Reunion

The following was written by Louis A. Capozzoli about his experiences at the 1983 Capozzoli Family Reunion in Oyster Bay, New York:


First Generation: L-R Emily Bonnano, Adeline (Dell) Restivo, Joseph Capozzoli, Rose McKie (back) and Mary Castaldi 1983

On July 17, 1983, a beautiful made-to-order sunny day, four generations of the CAPOZZOLI clan gathered at Oyster Bay, Long Island, to attend a memorable, fun-filled family reunion.

Headed by five of the six living members of the “first generation” (Joseph Capozzoli, Emily Bonanno, Mary Castaldi, Rose McKie, and Dell Restivo, approximately 100 mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and wives ranging from 80 years of age to infancy, converged on a beautiful tree shaded park for the Sunday afternoon gathering. A handful of other guests also attended.

Thomas Capozzoli at Family Reunion 1983

Organized by Thomas Capozzoli of Oyster Bay, the reunion was attended by representatives of virtually every branch of the widely scattered clan. They came from Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, and Connecticut to join the majority who live in the New York City/Long Island area.

Emotions ran high. Amidst laughter, smiles, and tears, relatives greeted each other with embraces, handshakes, and kisses. Some hadn’t seen each other in up to 40 years while others met for the first time. Some, of course, has seen each other periodically over the years and maintained their close contact.

While consuming delicious foods of untold varieties, attendees reminisced and chatted about old times and laughed while they recalled humorous events that took place in days gone by.

Food, brought by individual family units, was set out on long tables, buffet style, for all to enjoy. From appetizers to desserts, the menu was a mind-boggling array of mouth watering delicacies.

Second Generation - 1983: Fifteen of 24 cousins: Top from Left - Bobby Capozzoli, Bruce McKie, Billy Capozzoli Balmer, Louis A. Capozzoli, Louie Capozzoli, Georgie Scocca, and Thomas Capozzoli Middle Row: Marie Russo, Elaine Simonelli and Florence Ponosuk. Bottom Row: Peggy Kueling, Maryann Marinello, Marlene Barone, Doris Farrelly and Helen Wright.

Although some squeezed in a softball game, most of those present either mingled with others or lounged in their folding chaises and chairs while sipping soft drinks, beer, and wine chilled in dozens of ice filled coolers. A few enterprising individuals brought portable bars stocked with their favorite beverages.

As the sun began to sink, families packed their gear and trickled away after they said their farewells and goodbyes. As in greeting, they departed while laughing and smiling, but perhaps, shed a few more tears than when they arrived.

But, whether happy over seeing so many loved ones, or slightly saddened over their departure, they now would remember a bit more vividly the members of the CAPOZZOLI clan. The hundreds of photographs taken during the day will serve to keep those memories alive.

1983 Capozzoli Family Reunion Attendees

Continued: 1983 Capozzoli Family Reunion Attendees

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