June 19, 1944 V-Mail from Louis to Aunt Rose

Louis with Rose (Capozzoli) McKie in the Green Room of the Hotel Edison in New York on May 22, 1945. After 3 years oversees, Louis returned home to New York on March 3, 1945. He enjoyed his time with his family members.

Louis and Rose May 22, 1945

This V-Mail was addressed to Mrs. William McKie, 45-50  196th St., Flushing, Long Island, New York, N.Y. on June 19, 1944. It was sent from Louis A. Capozzoli to his Aunt Rose (Capozzoli) McKie while he served in the U.S. Marine Corp. in the South Pacific.

Greetings Dearie;

A great deal has happened since I last wrote you. For one, I got your swell package of candy. It was in excellent condition, really, thanks a million, honeychild. And, for the second thing that happened I was in an automobile accident about a week and a half ago. I was only out of the hospital 9 days and bang! Right back in. Now don’t worry, Rose, and please don’t breathe a word of it to anyone. Promise? You know why. I am back with my outfit again. I’m ship shape except for the cast on my left hand. It was broken. Thank heaven I didn’t hurt my operation. My nose was broken but it is ok now. I had a scalp out but it is coming along fine. 4 of us were hospitalized but one of my pals wasn’t so fortunate. Excuse this V-Mail but it is all I have at present. I didn’t hear from June yet but the mails haven’t been too good lately. OK, so I won’t call  you “Aunt Rose” anymore. Now I should’ve written sooner up until today but I’ve been a bit shaky. No thank you, honey, there is nothing I can use. Got an extra blonde or two hanging around you could send? I’ll close now. Write soon. Love and stuff,  Lou

—On May 8, 1944, Louis had a hernia operation at Navy Mobile Hoposital No. 8, Guadalcanal. On June 9, 1944, 9 days after leaving the hospital, Louis was injured in a jeep accident and was hospitalized for another week which he writes about in the V-Mail above to his “Aunt Rose”.

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