John A.Capozzoli – 1898

Gamie and Grandpa Age 20 and 22Family Tree:

Joseph Capozzoli  and Carmella Panuto 1843-1925  (Luigi’s parents)

Anthony Peduto and Stella Salerno  (Maddalena’s parents)

Luigi Capozzoli (1876-1958) and Maddalena Peduto (1876-1925)

John A. Capozzoli 1898 – 1995

John married Maryann Nowak 1899 – 1982 and Ann Gathman 1910 – 1991

Maryann’s parents: John Nowak 1875 – 1950 and Anna Koslowski 1875 – 1961

John and Maryann’s children: John A., Jr May 19, 1922 – September 1, 2003; Louis A. Capozzoli; June 12, 1924 – August 25, 2004;  and Edward; July 11, 1926

John and Maryann’s three sons joined the U. S. Marine Corps in their late teens and left home to serve in WWII.

John A., Jr  married Helen Water’s; November 22, 1922 -May 27, 1988  Their son; Gary July 17, 1955

Louis A.  married Jane Frances Flannery; April 6, 1920 to December 20, 1989. Their children: Barbara July 3, 1946 and Linda May 2, 1951

Edward married Esther Magurn. Their children: Edward Jr., Philip, and Laura

John was born in Castel San Lorenzo, Italy, located in the Province of Campania approximately 75 miles east of Salerno and 125 southeast of Naples. John’s parents, Luigi Capozzoli and Maddalena Peduto were married in 1894. They were both 18 years of age. John was one of  four sons  born in the Village of Castel San Lorenzo; Anthony in 1894, John in 1898, Vincent in 1899 and Fred in 1902.  Luigi left Italy and came to America without his family in 1902. That same year he arranged passage and sent for wife and four young boys. They journeyed from Naples to New York City with entry through Ellis Island.

Maddalena and Luigi had 10 children, five boys and five girls. The family operated a farm in the area of Queens, Long Island, later becoming known as Whitestone.  Later they moved to another farm in nearby Flushing where Maddalena died in 1925 at the age of 49.

John A. Capozzoli U.S. Army WWI November 1918 20 years old

John served briefly in the Army during WWI in 1918 as seen in his uniform to the left. Refer to Military section of this website for copy of his WWI Registration card.

John worked as mechanic as young man and ultimately owned his own repair shop. He worked on Packard automobiles.

John and Maryann chose to move to California in 1955 where John continued to work as a mechanic servicing Pontiac automobiles. Prior to retirement age, John also worked maintaining the grounds of a park in Santa Ana, California.  Maryann died at age 82 leaving John a widow. Later, John became re-acquainted with Ann Gathman, an old friend of 55 years, and later married her. They spent six months of the year in California near his sons, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The other six months of the year were spent at Ann’s house in Whitestone, New York. Here he was near his siblings and dear friends which he missed so much over the years.

Emily, John, Rose, Joe, and Adeline

Ann passed away November 5, 1991 and John remained widowed until his death January 17, 1995. John contracted the flu over the Christmas holidays. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. John was two days short of turning 98 years old when he died.  Up to this time, John remained independent. He just renewed his drivers license passing the written test, drove his car, and maintained the upkeep and care of his home.  John remained sharp, loving, a silly story teller, and full of life, until his hospitalization.

John A. Capozzoli

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