Personal Quotes

Remembering things said….

John A. Capozzoli (1898)

You look like two boards slapped together! What? You don’t want to eat my food?   (The refrigerator was always filled with deli meats, cheese, pickles, olives, peppers, so visitors were well greeted, well fed, and invited to sit around dining room table to socialize)

Come on, eat!!

Why buy the cow when you’re getting the milk?  (Grandfatherly advice about promiscuity)

Don’t worry, a trolley comes every 5 minutes.  (Sensitive way to console granddaughters over break up with boyfriends!)

So…..?  What ah ya gonna do about it…..?  (As the right hand slightly raises and turns palm up!)

When seeing granddaughters in curlers…”What station are you getting?”


Maryann Nowak Capozzoli  (married to John A. Capozzoli)

“How come all the lights? You working for Con Edison? (Too many lights left on in empty rooms)

“Why don’t you make Hassenfeffer out of that cat”?  (Maryann did not like cats)

“There’s no living with you.”   (After someone bragged about an accomplishment)


Louis A. Capozzoli (1924)

Ahh…Come on!!!!   (When feeling frustrated, disgusted, or just a quick response to something said)

What time are they coming, Jane?     (An irritating remark after a long and hard day)

You put your thumb and your forefinger on the handle, thusly!    (Daily training to flush toilet)

Put it in the GI can.  (How to throw trash away)

Daaaaa….da, da,da, da, da dah….Daaaa……da,da, da,da,da da        (Taps every morning sung to wake his girls up! Response while whining, Come on…. daddy.)

Are you ready with the Freddie?  (Last remark when gathering family to go somewhere)

What the hell’s the “matta” with ya????    (Self explanatory)

I’m gonna crap out.  (Nap time)

Doll  (Pet name when speaking to women)

Broad  (Word used to refer to some women)

Hello Dare!!!  (Silly greeting for Hello There!)

If you are going to play the game, you are going to follow the rules!  (VERY rigid game player. Absolutely no rule bending or cheating!)

Lou here….  (Greeting when answering telephone)

YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Greeting when answering telephone when awakened from nap – Emotional response:  Oh, no….should I hang up?)

When not meeting expectations…”He doesn’t have the gear!”

When traveling across county on a family vacation in the 1957 Ford station wagon…”The clothing bar (bahh) is not a trapreze!!”

Advice to daughters about future marriage partners…”It is just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor one!

Encouragement about the marriage ceremony and expenses…”I’ll give you $50 and a ladder to elope!!”

After damaging his cars in fender benders and teen age mishaps…  “What happened to the car (cahhhhh!)????”  Response..I’m fine, daddy, really. “Yeah, but what happened to the cahh??? You are doing the PAPERWORK!!!!!!”

When daughters dressed alike by accident and were humiliated, “OH!  Look Jane, the Dodseys!!!”

“Jane, do something. Make her put a sweater on backwards or something!!! (First noticing daughter’s cleavage)

She is built like a brick  sh… house!”  (Particularly regarding Gloria Romeo; This is a phrase which began in 1903 to describe unattractive women but changed in 1938 to describe attractive, shapely females.)

When asking the family to hurry…”Move out!”

When riding in the car…”Don’t crap up the cahhhh!!!”

When time to eat…”It’s time for chow”.

“What is this? Shit on a Shingle?”

When referring to Jane’s purse…”Where’s your sea bag?” (She referred to it as a pocketbook)

After going into the bathroom and finding dusting powder all over…”What the hell do you people do? Throw the puff up in the air and jump under it?”

Referring to large women wearing “moo-moos”…”Where did she buy that dress? Santa Ana Tent and Awning?”

When traveling and girls were fighting, “Do I have to come back there?!!!”          Famous one…”Give her the __________Heath bar!!!!!”


Jane (Flannery) Capozzoli (1924-1989) Wife of Louis A. Capozzoli

“It doesn’t amount to a row of pins.”

“Your eyes look like two burned holes in a blanket.”

After putting makeup on and thinking you were pretty…”Aren’t you going to put any make up on?”

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!”

To youngest daughter (!) If you don’t go to school again they are going to arrest me!!

“Don’t tell your father. I must first plant the seed.”

“Don’t answer the door!!! We are expecting no one!”

If they are not family, they are strangers.

You don’t want to  look like Mrs. Astor’s pet horse  OR  She looks like Mrs. Astor’s pet horse.

When in New York near her home in Marlboro…”This is God’s country”.


“SHHHHH! We are at Mass! Look at the altar!!” (during bouts of uncontrollable laughter)

“It’s Friday…don’t eat meat.”

“People who live in glass houses…..”

“Oh, Lou!!!”

“Say a prayer to St. Jude”.

When you came home with a bargain…”You made out like a Jew in a junkyard!”

When something smelled really terrible…”It smells like a butcher’s dog on a gut wagon”.

If daughter’s stayed out after allotted time…”You dirty little stay outs”.

When overworked, overtired, and frustrated…”I just want to go home and take the pack off.  I just want to look at the wall.”

Finding a gift with the hope she would like it…”It’s nice but I-I-I-I-I  wouldn’t wear it”.   (Gifts found in drawers and closets years later folded exactly the same way…”They were nice but I-I-I-I-I  wouldn’t wear them. You want it back?” )

Signature at bottom of school notes:  Jane F. Capozzoli (Mrs. L. A.) Daughters called her Mrs. L.A. for years when being silly.

You look like the Wreck of the Hesperus!  (When not looking one’s best)

Your father is going to have a stroke! (When she knew he would disapprove of something daughter’s did)

Miscellaneous terms frequently used…Pip squeak, Napolean complex or short man syndrome.

Do not cast aspersions on others.

When daughters were not getting along….”You are very lucky to be sisters….you will see one day that you are all each other have.”


Nancy (Bifalco) Capozzoli  (1894) Wife of Anthony Capozzoli

After preparing fried pizza dough with sauce!  Eat!! Eat!!

Peggy Keuling (1917) Daughter of Anthony Capozzoli and Nancy Bifalco

While serving a delicious lunch , “You ate at my mothers!!!!”


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