Luigi Capozzoli -1840

The following letter was written to Capozzoli family members December, 1988, by Thomas Capozzoli, Anthony’s son. Thomas took great pride in researching the Capozzoli family ancestry. He shared  his research and stories with family members instilling pride and gratitude for our ancestor’s sacrifices and gifts to us all. Hopefully, sharing his stories on the internet will bring more insight into the family ancestry or help others to discover their connection to us. Thomas refers to Bob Capozzoli in the letter. Bob is Vincent’s son who devoted his career to being a pilot for United Airlines.

His letter reads….

I want to take this opportunity to tell you of another interesting story in my search for Capozzoli family history.

On one of Bob Capozzoli’s flights, a passenger waited for him after landing to tell him that his neighbor’s maiden name was Capozzoli and was curious about the family history. Bob gave him my address, the neighbor’s husband wrote to me and I sent them the top chart of the family tree and something about Castel San Lorenzo and Aquara. A few weeks later I received a letter from a Joseph Capozzoli of Chicago. He said his sister Aida had given him the material I had sent her and asked him to get in touch with me and tell me something about their family’s ancestors. He included an outline going back to his great grandfather, Luigi Capozzoli, who was born in Aquara in the late 1840’s. He had two children by his first wife; one was a son named Giuseppe and the other a daughter, name unknown, who married a man named Quaglia. Didn’t our grandfather’s sister, Tia Mariantonia marry a Quaglia who was Pat Quay’s father? Now here comes the wild conclusion. If Luigi named his first son Giuseppe (born in 1870), if he married again and named his first son, Luigi, that could fit in perfectly as our grandfather who was born in Aquara in 1876. This assumption means that the greatgrandfather Luigi would be our greatgrandfather, too. Is the presence of a daughter married to a Quiglia just a coincidence?

Our new friend, Joseph, goes on to tell me that his father Luigi, son of Giuseppe, migrated to Chicago with his father and grandfather Luigi in 1880. They opened a store but when Giuseppe went blind they went back to  Aquara in 1894. Joseph’s father Luigi was born there in 1897, served in the Italian Army in WWI and returned to Chicago where he married one Amelia Mazzuca. We had a Mazzuca family living on Monkey Hill when  I was a kid. At any rate, Joseph was born in Chicago in 1921. As you might expect, he has a brother named Louis and the infamous Aida whose neighbor started this whole story by talking to our cousin, Bob. It’s an interesting story that may bring us closer to our ancestors.   P.S. When I traveled through Chicago in late August before all this happened, I found Anthony Capozzoli in the phone book. Naturally, I called the number and greeted the young man named Anthony. He told me that his family lived in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. I sent them the same material as above and received an answer saying their family came from a village named Bellosguardo. I rushed to my map and found it. It is about 5 miles from both Castel San Lorenzo and Aquara! It turns out that the young man, Anthony, has a father named Anthony and a grandfather named Anthony. This branch settled in Coney Island around the turn of the century.

I think it is a safe conclusion to say that we’ve found the roots of the Capozzoli family tree. We can now reach back at least to the 1840’s and that’s only two generations from the 1700’s. My next thrust will be to the dozens of Capozzoli’s who live in the Pittsburgh area. Only God knows what we will find. Merry Christmas.

Our best to all,

Tom and Carole


Luigi 1840

Daughter Quaglia       Son Giuseppe  1870

Luigi 1897  Married Mazzuca    and    Aida

Son Joseph  1921    Son Louis   1923

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  1. hi i am a descendant of the capozzoli family my mothers grandfather was Luigi capozzoli and i am 11 going on 12 and was born in bellos guardo a small unknow town in italy please write back… cory chase

  2. Cory,
    I wrote to your email address back in May, 2010. I am curious if you were able to read entries in our website and make a connection to your grandfather, Luigi?
    Linda (Capozzoli) Herbst

  3. my dads name was Giuseppe and his brother name was LUIGI, the LUIGI your taking about was my uncle

  4. Hi,
    Wondering if anyone ever found out whether Luigi born 1840 had any brothers or sisters. I’m looking for my ggg grandmother Rose Capozzoli from Aquara area born 1848, daughter of Luigi or Pasquale and Elena Capozzoli, married Pasquale Giuliano, spent time in Argentina where my gg grandfather Pasquale Giuliano was born.

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