When the Evening Comes

When the Evening Comes by Leonard Marinello

(Grandson of Adeline Capozzoli 1913 – 2003)


Leonard Marinello

The Story: Charlie Corrado is pushing forty and still lives with his grandparents, Martin and Marion Corrado. Charlie is a “successful” Manhattan attorney, who also works in his grandfather’s florist in College Point, where he will always be known as Martin’s “delivery boy.” Marion envisions her grandson as a second chance to right the wrongs she made with Charlie’s mother. Marion also recognizes a parallel between Charlie’s relationship with his girlfriend, Katharine, and her own marriage to Martin, and Marion does not like what she sees. When Charlie is forced to deal with the inevitable realities of the adult world, his life takes unexpected turns, and Charlie takes his turn at life. Philip Bosco and Anne Meara are outstanding as the long-married grandparents.


Leonard’s Family Tree:

Great Grandparents; Luigi Capozzoli 1876    Maddalena Peduto 1876

Grandparents; Adeline Capozzoli Restivo 1913-2003

– and  Frank Restivo 1909- 1998

– – Frank’s parents; Vincent Restivo 1885 – 1949

– and Maria Zinanti 1893 -____


Mother; Maryann Restivo Marinello 1942 – present

– married Leonard Marinello 1939 –                      (Divorced)


Adeline’s Grandchildren;

– Leonard Marinello 1965; Monica 1966; Jennifer 1969; Philip 1972


Uncle (Adeline’s son); Ronald Restivo 1937 – present

– – – married Ingeborg Sagstetter 1942- present

Adeline’s Grandchildren

– – Alicia 1970; Ronald 1972; Thomas 1974; Claudia 1976



by Denis Hamill

Monday, June 16th 2008, 4:10 PM

Farriella for News

He never thought of himself as a writer.

But here he was last week, acting in a movie he wrote called “When the Evening Comes,” starring Philip Bosco and Anne Meara, that takes place in College Point and Bayside.

“Actually, I’m a lawyer,” says Leonard Marinello. “I went to St. Francis Prep and Columbia and I practice commercial banking law for a firm called Pittoni, Bonchonsky and Zaino in Long Island. I also work for North Shore Florist, owned by my uncle on 23rd Ave. in College Point. But a few years ago, for some reason, while out on deliveries, I started getting ideas in my head.”

He says these ideas didn’t take any particular narrative form at first. “Just scenes,” he says. “Mostly scenes between a character like me who lived with his grandparents for 40 years in their Bayside Gables house. I had a Thanksgiving scene in my head. I had scenes of me making deliveries. Scenes in a particular doorway. Where the doorbell sounded a certain way. Scenes with the people I delivered to…”

Marinello says he started writing these scenes down on yellow legal pads. And he realized they were like scenes from a movie that were forming in his head. He had no idea how to write a movie, so he went online and bought a book on screenwriting.

“I had no idea there was even a special format,” he says. “This book – I don’t even know the name of it – said that you wrote action and then you had to center the dialogue by using the tab button. But I wrote it in long hand on yellow legal pads over the course of a year. I really enjoyed writing it. Couldn’t wait to get home at night to work on it.”

He didn’t have a computer, so one weekend he went into his law firm and transcribed all the scenes he’d written on legal pads into a full-length screenplay.

He called it “When the Evening Comes,” and when he was done he had no idea what to do with it.

“It was a human drama with a lot of humor, what they call a dramedy these days,” he says. “And like my life, it takes place in Bayside and College Point. I read it. I liked it. I was really glad I had taken the time to write it. But I never seriously thought about trying to make it into a movie. I put it aside and went back to banking law.”

But like everyone else in the movie business, Marinello had a friend who was an actor who had a friend who was a producer who had a friend who was a director.

“My actor friend Rich Pecci showed it to his producer friend Carmine Famiglietti, who got Craig Geraghty to agree to direct it,” says Marinello. “I went to some people and showed them the script and they invested some money. I put in some of my own m

Soon a synopsis circulated to talent agencies: “Lucian Corrado has lived with his grandparents for 40 years and loved it. After life throws him a curveball, however, he’s got to leave the cocoon.”

Marinello was amazed when he heard back that Anne Meara and Philip Bosco had agreed to star, playing his grandparents.

The movie, which is being shot on Super 16-mm film and has a 24-day shooting schedule, started filming in March and April with a scheduled break to resume shooting this month.

“I’m kinda playing myself in the movie,” he said. “Just like I’m not really a writer, I never acted before. I’m having a great time. But I never realized how much work it was. There are so many technical things involved besides remembering lines. But Bosco and Meara have been amazingly patient and helpful, coaching me.”

The locations include Marinello’s uncle’s florist and his grandparents’ house and street locations all over College Point and Bayside. “It’s sort of weird making a real movie out of these scenes that came into my head as I drove around making deliveries,” he says. “My law firm has been great, very supporting in allowing me to take time off from work and resuming again.”

When the movie is finished editing sometime in September the producers will enter it into various film festivals, hoping to find a distributor.

“I know it sounds crazy but I never even thought about that,” says Marinello. “It never occurred to me that someday people might be watching it. To me, it’s still a bunch of scenes that went from my head to paper and now onto film. Just getting that done has been extremely satisfying.”

Would he do it again?

“I still don’t think of myself as a writer but there are new scenes starting to form in my head.

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