Edward A. Capozzoli – 1926

Family Tree:

John A. Capozzoli (1898-1995) and Maryann Nowak (1900-1982) – Parents

John A. Capozzoli  (1922)  Brother

Louis A. Capozzoli (1924) Brother

Louis, Johnny, and Edward Flushing NY circa 1930

Edward A. Capozzoli was born July 11, 1926. He was the youngest son of three.  Edward and his family grew up in Flushing, New York.Edward Capozzoli Early 1930's

Both of  Edward’s  brothers, John and Louis,  joined the United States Marine Corps to serve in WWII. Edward was no different. He, too, joined and ultimately served in WWII, and the Korean and Vietnam wars.  Edward, and his brothers, met on January 5, 1946, when Edward was 19 years old during his re-enlistment leave. They spent the evening at the Queen’s Terrace Club in Long Island with their favorite aunts, Rose McKie, Mary Castaldi, and Adeline Restivo, (three of their father, John’s, sisters) The brothers were all very close to their family members and whenever they had the opportunity they would visit during their leaves. Edward’s brother, Louis, also re-enlisted on January 26, 1946. Edward and his girlfriend, Babe, his brother, John and wife, Helen, met for a night out of celebration. This was the first time “the three boys” were together since joining the Marine Corps.

In 1947, Edward was shipped out to China. In the photo to the right, Edward was in Guam. He was in the 11th Marines.

Edward Capozzoli 1944

Edward Capozzoli on Guam April 1947

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