1920 U.S. Census

1920 U.S. Census, New York (Page 1) Capozzoli

1920 U.S. Census, New York (Page 2) Capozzoli

The 1920 U.S. Federal Census spans over two pages of documentation listing the Capozzoli family. This is the Fourteenth Census of the United States.  The census shows District 4, Queens, New York, Lawrence Street. It show Louis Capozzoli as head of the household at age 44. It states he cannot read or write. He is listed as a farmer. His mother’s name is Carmela, and she was born in Italy. Louis’ wife, Maddalena, is again listed as Helen, age 44. It also states she did not read nor write and was unemployed. Their children are documented next, with John, 22, white and single. His notations state he was able to read and write. He was employed as a machinist with an automobile company. Vincent, 20, was shown as a single, white, male,  being able to read and write, who immigrated in 1901, and was employed as a Baggage Master with a steamship company. Frederick was an 18 year, single, white, male, who could read and write. He worked as a baker in a biscuit company. Next, the other children who were going to school and unemployed. They are Joseph, 16, Emily 14, Christina, 12, Mary, 10, Rose, 8, and Adeline, 7. Peter Lagana is listed as a boarder, age 39, who immigrated in 1900. He was also a farm laborer. Carmela Capozzoli , mother, is listed as a widowed female, age 80, who immigrated in 1896. She was uneducated and did not have a trade.

Anthony, their oldest son, was listed as head of his household on Lawrence Street, married to Nancy, age 25. He was employed as a bookkeeper at a button factory. They had a daughter, Helen, age 4 1/2;  daughter, Genevieve, 3; son, Louis, 1 1/2; and daughter, Florence, age 3 months.

NOTE:  Click on each photo to enlarge. This will open the documents, one at a time,  on another page. Click on the document again to enlarge. Once larger, you may even click on it again to bring it up really close to read.

The source of information: www. ancestry.com Database: 1920 United States Federal Census Detail; Year 1920; Census Place; Queens Assembly, District 4, Queens, New York; Roll T625_1233; Page: 1A; Enumberation District; 205, Image: 9.

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