Manifest of Immigrants

Maddalena Peduto is listed as boarding the S.S. Ravenna on May 23, 1903, and sailing from Naples and entering the Port of New York through Ellis Island. The passenger list shows her name as Maddalena Peduto, married, age 27,  traveling with each of her four sons. Their names are listed below hers.  The son’s names are listed as Capozzolo Antonio, Capozzolo Giovanni, Capozzolo Vincenzo, and Capozzolo Frederico. The boy’s father is listed as Luigi Capozzolo residing at 68 (?) Mulberry St., New York City, New York. The manifest indicates Maddalena as being a homemaker able to read and write. The document states Maddalena’s last residence as being Castel San Lorenzo.

Manifest of Alien Immigrants - S. S. Ravenna Maddalena Peduto May 23, 1903

Luigi Capozzoli is listed on the Manifest of Alien Immigrants as sailing on the S.S. Karamania from Naples, Italy, and arriving to Ellis Island, New York on August 30, 1901. His place of residence is listed as Aquara. His point of departure was Naples. He sailed by himself and is noted to be 26 years old, married, and able to read and write. His occupation is listed as a laborer. Luigi sailed alone and his place of residence was to 12 S. Mulberry St., NYC. The address number is difficult to read and may be incorrect. The document states Luigi was in good health, did not have mental health issues, was not polygamist, or criminal.

Manifest of Alien Immigrants S. S. Karamania Luigi Capozzoli August, 1901

Both Manifests are shown on this page and can be enlarged if clicked upon. They are difficult to read but can be found on the Ellis Island website –

The steamship, S.S. Karamania  was built in 1882 by D & W Henderson Ltd, Glasgow, for the Barrow Steamship Company’s Indian service, and launched on 26 December 1882. 3,148 tons; 103,62 x 11,95 meters (340 x 39.2 feet, length x beam); straight bow, 1 funnel, 2 masts; iron construction, screw propulsion, service speed 11 knots; accommodation for 12 1st-, and 562 3rd-class passengers. February 1883, maiden voyage, Glasgow-Liverpool-Calcutta. April 1890, first voyage, Glasgow-Liverpool-Calcutta (departed 25 October)-Philadelphia-New York (arrived 15 August). September 1890, first voyage, Glasgow-Naples (departed 25 October)-New York (arrived 28 November) (2 voyages). 16 January, 1894, purchased by the Anchor Line; steerage increased to 900. 1 August 1896, first voyage, Genoa-Messina-Naples-New York (arrived 31 July). 1896-1903, Mediterranean-New York (30 round trip voyages). 8 February 1903, last voyage, Marseilles-Palermo-Naples-New York (arrived 9 March). 1 May 1904, scrapped [Noel Reginald Pixell Bonsor, North Atlantic Seaway; An Illustrated History of the Passenger Services Linking the Old World with the New (2nd ed.; Jersey, Channel Islands: Brookside Publications), vol. 1 (1975), p. 464]. To obtain a picture of the KARAMANIA, contact the Steamship Historical Society of America, Langsdale Library, University of Baltimore, 1420 Maryland Ave., Baltimore, MD 21201. The S.S. Karamania is pictured below.

S.S. Karamania Steamship traveled by Luigi Capozzoli from Italy to Ellis Island, New York, August 1901

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