Louis A. Capozzoli 1924 through 1941

Family Tree:

Luigi Capozzoli (1876-1958) and Maddalena Peduto (1876-1925)

John A. Capozzoli (1898-1995) and Maryann Nowak (1900-1982)

Louis A. Capozzoli (1924-2004)

Photos of Louis as Young Boy 1925 to early 1930's

Louis Anthony Capozzoli was born in Flushing, New York, to John A. Capozzoli and Maryann (Nowak) Capozzoli. Louis had an older brother John, and a younger brother, Edward. Louis helped out on the family farm, and worked at his father’s auto repair shop when older. He went to grade school and high school in Flushing, New York. Louis was talented, friendly, and always close to both sides of his family. As a boy, Louis enjoyed playing hockey and ice skating.

The family took a vacation to Maine together. The picture below is of Louis in 1932.

Louis Capozzoli 1932

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