Coming to America

Painting by Linda Capozzoli Herbst 2001

Dark, tired, weary eyes, radiating a sparkle of hope.

Pushed by powerful forces seeking freedom.

Searching, discovering unlimited dreams,

Gaining pride at the journey’s end.

Rocking the swells of vast foreboding black waters,

Swaying upward, downward, back and forth.

Multitudes, a salad of languages, but communication clear.

A creation of bonds, caring for others, sharing the desire.

Unable to stretch cramped limbs,

Bleak eyes of illness, stomachs like empty holes.

Twitching with chills, blanketed with wetness.

Air with smells hanging over like clouds,  coughing, crying, but smiling.

Numb to all adversity,

Taking risks for tomorrow’s unknown.

Providing legacy, becoming ancestors, forever grateful.

Hard work ahead, never easy,

A gift of sacrifice for generations to come.

Tearful eyes, gazing forward, gazing upward,

She peeks through the curtain of a foggy gray mist of wonder.

Her arms extended, pointing toward infinity,

Holding a torch of burning light.

Welcoming our roots, confirming the vision.

Tall, powerful, strong, standing alone…

She is America – Land of the Free.

2003  –   This poem was written by Michael Herbst, Great -Great Grandson of Luigi Capozzoli (1876), in honor of the Capozzoli Family and their tireless efforts to make a new and better life in America.

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  1. I have lots of info on another branch of the Capozzoli family including some pics. Please see my tree at
    You will find Antonio Capozzoli who came to America through Ellis Island in Oct 1900. He moved to Haverhill, MA and had his own tailoring business and was known as Tony the Tailor. He was my great-grandfather.

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