Arrival at Ellis Island

The following information was taken from the Ellis Island registry of passengers.

Passenger Maddalena Peduto

Arrived aboard the Ravenna on May 23, 1903


S.S. Ravenna Steamship

Built by Odero & Co., Genoa, Italy, 1901. 4252 gross tons; 363 (bp) feet long; 43 feet wide. Steam triple expansion engine, single screw.  Service speed 12 knots.

Built for Italia Line, in 1901 and named Ravenna. Soc. di Nav. a Vapore Italy-South America and Italy-New York service. Vessel lost in 1917.

Batch Number: P00265-0
Packet Number:
Record Number:
Page Ref. Number: 32
Page Line Number: 0023
First Name: Maddalena
Last Name: Peduto
Age at Arrival: 27y
Gender Code: F
Marital Status: M
U. S. Citizen? No
Ship Crew? No
Nationality: Italian
Place of Residence: Castel S. L…
Standardized Place of Residence:
Ship Name: Ravenna
Standardized Ship Name: Ravenna
Ship Arrival Date: 23 May 1903
Ship Arrival Port: New York
Departure Port: Naples
Standardized Departure Port: Naples, Naples, Campania, Italy
ID Number: 102650040915

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  1. I am Emily’s granddaughter. What a wonderful job! I can’t wait to look at everything. You guys did a great job with photos and particularly ID ing everyone. Gosh what work! Thank you. Can’t wait to show my mom, Marie. Will get my Scocca cousins e mails so I can forward.

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