1973 – First Capozzoli Reunion

The first Capozzoli family reunion was held on July 14, 1973, in Flushing, New York. Eighty-three family members attended. The reunion was held over several days. The first day was devoted to outdoor activities which included the children. The second day a party at a disco was held.

On July 13, 1973, a backyard party was held the evening before the reunion at the home of Ronnie Restivo.

1973 Family Reunion Dell Restive with nephew, Louis A. Capozzoli

The next day, the family gathered at Golf City which was reserved the entire day for the Capozzoli family reunion. Golf City was owned by the Marinello family, Maryann and Lenny.

Many First Generation family members were in attendance. They were Adeline Capozzoli Restivo (Dell), Nancy Bifalco Capozzoli (Widow of Anthony Capozzoli), Chris Capozzoli Ferrara, Rose Capozzoli McKie, Mary Capozzoli Castaldi, Emily Capozzoli Bonanno and Frederick Capozzoli. Sadly, Frederick passed away the next year in 1974.

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The photo to the right shows Nancy Bifalco Capozzoli (Anthony Capozzoli’s wife) seated with her children. From left, Tommy, Florence Ponosuk, Louie, Peggy Keuling and Helen Wright. 

A special thank you to Leonard Marinello who wrote about his memories of the 1973 Capozzoli family reunion which may bring back happy memories for other family members. The exerpt below speaks of his time with Louis and Jane Capozzoli when visiting during the reunion. They stayed at his grandparents home, Adeline and Frank Restivo:     (Adeline was Louis’ aunt)

“I was looking at the page about the first reunion which took place in 1973 and I have very clear memories of your parents staying with my grandparents during that week. I was 8 years old and staying with my grandparents, too. One early morning I remember going downstairs to the den where my grandparents had their record player (where it still is actually) and your parents were dancing to a record they had bought for my grandmother. I think the album was Lynn Anderson’s “Rose Garden” and the song was “For the Good Times”. It was really a nice moment to see – so that is my memory of your parents – and of sitting in my grandmother’s backyard every moring having coffee with them after my grandfather went to work – and staying up late listening to your father’s wonderful stories. It’s funny but every time I have Jack Daniels I think of him – except I mix mine with Ginger Ale.”

Thank you, Leonard.  It’s personal and special memories like this we hope to capture in this website.

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  1. I remember going to a Capozzoli family reunion in Pennsylvania back in the late 70s to early 80s I think we stayed with a family, fathers name was Bill. I was young so the details are sketchy. I do remember a Capozzoli park there.

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