1984 Capozzoli Family Reunion

John Capozzoli, Jr. with his aunt, Helen Wright (daughter of Anthony Capozzoli, Sr.) 1984 Family Reunion

The 1984 Capozzoli Family Reunion was held on July 15, 1984, in Oyster Bay. John A Capozzoli attended this reunion representing the sixth of the first generation of offspring to Luigi and Maddalena Capozzoli.

Joseph Capozzoli and Michael Castaldi 1984 Family Reunion

The highlight of the reunion this year was the wedding which took place 3 weeks prior between John A. Capozzoli and Anne Gathman. Doris Farrelly arranged for wedding cake to celebrate at the reunion.

John A. Capozzoli’s sons, John and Louis A., flew to New York from California to attend the reunion.

L-R Louis A. Capozzoli, Anne Gathman, John A. Capozzoli, John A. Capozzoli, Jr. at Family Reunion 1984

Once again, the reunion was organized by Thomas Capozzoli. This reunion was attended by the first and second generation children of Luigi and Maddalena Capozzoli, as well as, several cousins and children.

To name a few attendees, Billy Capozzoli Balmer and wife Miriam, Billy’s sister Doris Farrelly, Joseph and Audrey Capozzoli, Helen Wright, Mary  and her husband, Michael Castaldi, Adeline Restivo, Rose Capozzoli and her daughters Marlene Barone and Elaine Simonelli. Louie Capozzoli and his family were also in attendance. When the family visited from out of state, they were invited to stay at family members homes. The time was always busy but enjoyable, being included in dinners, cocktail parties, and visits from the relatives. Everyone to this day is always hospitable,  sharing their food, time, stories, and family warmth.

Rose Capozzoli with daughters, Marlene and Elaine 1984

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