February 3, 1944 – Louis to Aunt Rose

The following V-Mail was written by Louis A. Capozzoli to his aunt, Rose (Capozzoli) McKie while serving in the Marine Corps in the South Pacific.  He was four months shy of being 20 years old. Louis  kept a copy of this V-Mail, along with several others, in his personal belongings. It is clear when reading this letter, he missed his family and friends back home very much and really yearned for communication. He writes about Bougainville in the letter.

My Dear Aunt Rose,

Now don’t fall over because your darlin’ nephew finally decided to drop his dear aunt a line or five. Seriously, tho, I received your swell Xmas card and was more than glad to hear from you. I know I should have written a year or so ago, but you know how it is when you are out here. I hope I can make this letter half way interesting anyhow. No doubt you heard all about my doings out here but nevertheless I will give it to you first hand. I have been out this way for 17 months now, and in the Marine Corps over 3 years. Time really flies when you are 10,000 miles from home. It really doesn’t seem like two years since I’ve seen everyone, but then again, I’m not complaining because I joined the Marine Corps and expected this. I’ve seen quite a bit of the South Pacific since I’ve been out here. Quite a few islands – you’ve read about this all. The one you read about recently- -Bougainville- -is on my list, too. I made the landing there just when you read about it in the newspapers. I could tell you many things but censorship doesn’t permit my telling too much except that I partook in the landing there at Empress Augusta Bay. It was not what you would exactly call a game, I assure you, but on the other hand it was an experience I will always remember and wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m fine and dandy, so don’t go worrying, but naturally I had some pretty close ones. That ‘s when I came to realize how dear good old life was. But that’s between you and me, honey, OK? I guess you know my kid brother Eddy, is in the Marine Corps, don’t you? He is at Sea School in Virginia at present. Johnny graduated from Marine Aviation School this past month but at present I don’t know what or where he is doing duty. I heard from from Helen and Lou the other day. He sure got a sweet job there as an instructor. He told about your hubby, and I’m really sorry to hear that he was ill. I hope, as a matter of fact, I know (women intuition) that he’s much better now and back on active duty.  What outfit is he with and where is he now? But how have you been, my little ray of sunshine? What gives lately? Listen to me, saying lately. How about about a nice long letter, Rose, telling me all about every little thing with you. Its been so damn long now that I wouldn’t even know my relatives, would I? And, maybe you wouldn’t know me either.  I received a Xmas card from Bill, Mary, and some of the others. It was good to hear from all of you even if they were just cards. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be out here, that remains a secret with the Man in the Moon and Yahoodi. Know what I mean? I’ll be out some time to come though, but that also I want you to keep  under your bonnet. Any new recruits in your ranks? Billy, isn’t it? I’m still a clerk in this Headquarters and have been for 17 months now. It’s good duty and interesting. I’m in the operations section and you can readily see why it would be interesting. Well, I do hope your going to write me a nice long letter and tell me all about everything. I want you to send the letter via regular air mail, if possible. I don’t want to tell you how to write, don’t get me wrong, but that’s the only way I get them in a hurry. So for now, I’ll shove off, and of course, with regards to all the family and gang.

Your kid nephew,


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